Our team is highly experienced and qualified when it comes to subdividing your land. From the start our company aims to help you navigate the process of subdividing; from applying to the Planning Commission for Subdivision Approval, to obtaining quotes from the Servicing Authorities including Water Corporation and Western Power, all the way through to the point where you can apply for your new titles.

When you express an interest to subdivide, we research the potential of your property and prepare an obligation-free quote to determine the most cost effective approach to subdivide your property. 

We understand the process of subdividing your land can be stressful and we aim to reduce that level of stress by helping you along the way. The requirements of a subdivision may vary, but our experience across Perth as well as outside the Metro Area means we are familiar with the regular requirements and can offer insight into what to expect. 


Here at Scanlan Surveys can help you protect your investment. Our team can make sure the land you’re about to purchase is actually contained within the boundaries of your Certificate of Title and determine what potential there is for future development. Fences don’t always mark a property correctly, which is why you’ll want a professional survey conducted to give you certainty before completing the purchase. Don't leave it to chance, as this will only cause problems in the future. 

Our staff can offer advice of a variety of surveying matters including the most cost effective approach to the survey you want. 

If you have a query about your property, especially regarding subdivision, we are happy to liaise with authorities such as your Local Government and the Planning Commission to determine the best approach. Contact us today and we can start the survey process

Below are examples of the survey services and results that we can provide.


We have extensive experience throughout the Perth Metropolitan area as well as throughout rural Western Australia. Although we are based in Midland, we are dedicated to providing quality services throughout Western Australia and are able to travel to otherwise remote areas.

We have completed extensive work in the following suburbs in recent years:

Ashfield, Balga, Bassendean, Bayswater, Beckenham, Beechboro, Carlisle, Caversham, Darlington, Dayton, Dianella, Doubleview, Forrestfield, Gingin, Greenmount, Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Kalamunda, Landsdale, Maddington, Maylands, Middle Swan, Midland, Morley, Mount Helena, Mount Lawley, Mount Pleasant, Mundaring, Southern River and Wanneroo.

We also service more remote regions including Beverley, Geraldton, Northam, Lancelin and York.

Survey Services

Though our company specialises in subdivisions, we have extensive experience and are able to conduct a range of surveys including:


- Contour and/or Feature Surveys

- Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys (Repegs)

- Green Title Subdivisions

- Survey Strata Subdivisions

- Amalgamations

- Built Stratas

- Conversion To Survey Stratas

- Strata Mergers

- Interest Only Deposited Plans (Easement Plans)


- Building Set Out Surveys

- Road Set Out Surveys

- As Constructed Sewer & Water Surveys

- GPS Surveying


Looking to locate the position of your house on your property, existing structures, features and levels? Then a Contour and Feature Survey may be what you need. We service both rural and residential areas, locate details relevant to the lot boundaries and levels are to AHD (Australian Height Datum) standards. 

The information provided on our plans show the position of existing utilities, the levels of your lot and the position of existing structures. 

(Additional information for clients is provided on plans, above example is of survey only)


If you are looking to determine the true position of your boundary, then you will want a Boundary Re-Establishment Survey (also known as a Repeg Survey). We locate the position of boundary based on Cadastral Survey Marks and not to the existing fence line which may be incorrect. If you are looking to erect a fence on your boundary and want to make sure it is positioned correctly, then a Boundary Re-Establishment Survey is the way to go.

(Additional information for clients is provided on plans, above example is of survey only)



When you’re looking to separate your land in more lots, a Green Title Subdivision or a Survey Strata may be what you are after. We liaise with your Local Government Planning Department to ascertain the potential of your property and look to provide you with a quote demonstrating the most economical option for you.

The process of a Subdivision/Survey Strata requires an application to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Here the Servicing Authorities put together a list of conditions that will appear on your approval, and these will need to be completed in order to finalise your Subdivision/Survey Strata. 

We are able to help with you Subdivision/Survey Strata from the initial application, right up until the application for the new titles needs to be made to officially finalise your project. We liaise with the relevant Servicing Authorities, acquire quotes from Water Corporation and Western Power, conduct the surveys(s) required and can help with the preparation of documentation.

Contact us today if you are interested in seeing the potential for your property, and we will help determine whether a Green Title Subdivision or Survey Strata option is available to you.


Do you have multiple dwellings on one lot of land that you are looking to separate on to individual titles? Then a Built Strata may be the best way to proceed. Built Strata Surveys take into account multiple dwellings on a single lot and separate them onto individual titles. Whether it is two single storey dwellings or numerous multi-storey apartments, we are able to assist.

Note: You may also be eligible for a Subdivision/Survey Strata even if you have multiple dwellings on your lot. Contact us if you would like to find out if you are able to Subdivide/Survey Strata or if a Built Strata is the right option for you.

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